Jan-Willem L. Guldemond Photography and Web-Creations

On image manipulation

About Photoshop, or other image tools. They are a new gift to photography and artists. But I am not a painter, nor am I a press photographer. Grown up in the 'old school' of film photography, I have learned to 'paint with light,' view angle and have an eye for details that don't ask for correction later. Yes, I will work with contrasts, color tones and remove dust or sometimes a loose fiber or a temporary spot. I do not correct body shapes or facial features as I think I cannot improve on the beauty of nature. Besides people and pictures tend to become very lifeless when one 'corrects' and 'removes' too much, or even little. The 'soul' is easily taken out of a picture. As beauty isn't perfect, or perhaps it is, as it is. So yes, all pictures you see are natural, 'real' photographs.