Jan-Willem L. Guldemond Photography and Web-Creations

Why nude?

Why nudes? Or ‘so much nude’? Is a question I hear sometimes, next to the luckily more numerous compliments on my works. I will explain for the ones not so comfortable or familiar with body-work, and to give more insight for the ones who are as well.

The body, and especially the female body and appearance is a main muse in my work.

First I see my ‘bodywork,' as I call it, as a natural thing. Needless to explain one is born nude and stays nude all his and her life underneath one’s clothes. Needless to say that nakedness also means intimacy, getting close to the body, the heart of one’s physical existence!

I am not that much interested in clothes. Not to say: not at all. Clothes speak their own story, of fashion, expression and are very time-related; temporary. They stand in between very much, between the model and my camera. They hide, while I want to show the purity and beauty of the people I portray.

I admire artists and their models, who through time have dared and created to show human’s utmost beauty; their own physical existence. This combined with the expression, soul and appearance, create utmost beauty.